The autoclave is a large-scale pressure vessel for steam curing bricks, blocks, panels, and other products made of aerated concrete, lime sand, fly ash, etc. Aerated concrete products complete the hydrothermal chemical reaction of CaO-SiO2-H2O in the autoclave.

At the same time, it is also widely used in other production projects that require pressure steaming production process: such as high-strength gypsum, thermal insulation materials, rubber products, high-strength glass, cement pipe piles, and wood, medicine, chemical, and other industries.

The autoclave is a steel horizontal cylindrical device, which is made of a whole piece of 16MnR steel plate. The welds of the pressure parts have been heat treated and strictly nondestructively tested according to relevant standards.

The autoclave door is a movable quick-opening structure, which is opened and closed by a hand-operated reducer, and can also be opened and closed by electric, pneumatic or hydraulic operation according to user requirements.

Equipped with a complete safety interlock protection device, it ensures the safe operation of the autoclave and the safe production of the operators.

The opening type of autoclave door has two types of side opening and top opening for users to choose from. The side-opening type adopts a rotating arm-type door-opening mechanism, which is flexible in rotation and convenient to use; the top-opening type adopts a lever-type door-opening mechanism, the lower end of the lever is connected with the autoclave door, and the upper end is equipped with a counterweight device.

The autoclave door is sealed with an imported rubber seal ring produced by a professional manufacturer, which is easy to install, has good sealing performance, and has a long service life.

The autoclave is equipped with necessary valves and instruments such as safety valve, pressure gauge, temperature measuring element, steam inlet and exhaust valve, sealing ball valve, steam trap, and decontamination tank.

In addition to the conventional steam distribution pipes and guide rails, we had specially set up a sealed steam anti-shock cover and a hydrophobic cover for the internal parts of the autoclave.