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  • Raw materials preparation section

  • Batching & pouring section

  • Precuring & cutting section

  • Grouping & autoclaving section

  • Packing section

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    AAC Raw Materials Preparation

    1. Raw Materials Preparation Section

    Proper control and management of the raw materials preparation contribute to the production of high-quality AAC materials for construction applications.

    This process involves the following equipment:

    • Jaw crusher

    • Bucket elevator

    • Belt conveyor

    • Ball mill

    • Dust collector

    • Screw conveyor

    • Slurry agitator

    • Slurry pump

      Jaw Crusher

      The jaw crusher has a big crushing ratio and high output, it is mainly used to break and crush aerated concrete materials with a compressive strength less than 320Mpa.

      Ball Mill

      The ball mill grinds and blends the raw materials into a fine powder, ensuring the components are thoroughly mixed and have a consistent particle size distribution.

      Slurry Agitator

      The slurry agitator ensures that the ingredients remain well-mixed and prevent any settling or separation, which could affect the final product's quality.

      2. Batching & Pouring Section

      Proper batching, mixing, and pouring are essential to produce high-quality autoclaved aerated concrete blocks or panels.

      This process involves the following equipment:

      • Powder & Slurry electric scale

      • Aluminium slurry mixing machine

      • Pouring mixer

      • Ferry carriage

      • Bubble removing device

        AAC Batching & Pouring Section
        Aluminium Slurry Mixing Machine
        Aluminium Slurry Mixing Machine

        The goal is to achieve consistent dispersion of aluminum powder and other components to ensure proper expansion and curing during autoclaving.

        AAC Pouring Mixer
        Pouring Mixer

        The pouring mixer is used to evenly mix and fully react the production raw materials, and then pouring the mixed slurry into the mold frame in time.

        Bubble Removing Device
        Bubble Removing Device

        To ensure the structural integrity and uniform density of the AAC blocks, it's important to remove excess air bubbles from the slurry before it sets.

        AAC Block Precuring & Cutting Section

        3. Precuring & Cutting Section

        Both the precuring and cutting steps are crucial for producing high-quality AAC products with consistent properties and dimensions.

        This process involves the following equipment:

        • Mould and side plate

        • Traction machine

        • Friction wheel

        • Oiling system

        • Tilting & demoulding crane

        • Cutting machine

          AAC Block Mould and Side Plate
          Mould and Side Plate

          Side plates are used in conjunction with molds to create the desired shape and size of the AAC blocks. By adjusting plates to produce different blocks.

          AAC Block Tilting and Demoulding Crane
          Tilting and Demoulding Crane

          The tilting and demoulding crane is a specialized equipment designed to handle the delicate process of releasing the cured AAC blocks from the molds.

          Cutting Machine

          The key steps in the AAC manufacturing process is accuratly and cleanly cutting the large block of AAC into individual blocks of desired sizes.

          4. Grouping & Autoclaving Section

          Once the blocks have gained sufficient strength and the chemical reactions are complete, they are grouped together for the autoclaving process.

          This process involves the following equipment:

          • Tilting table

          • Grouping crane

          • Steaming wagon

          • Autoclave

            AAC Block Grouping & Autoclaving Section
            Tilting Table
            Tilting Table

            The tilting table facilitates work to make the AAC block turn 90°, efficient and stable turning over, reducing the difficulty and cost of civil construction.

            Grouping Crane
            Grouping Crane

            This equipment is used for smoothly and precisely grouping the newly produced AAC blocks before they are subjected to the autoclaving process.


            The autoclave is a large-scale pressure vessel for steam curing of aerated concrete blocks. The autoclaving helps AAC blocks achieve their desired characteristics.

            Packing Section

            5. Packing Section

            Proper packaging ensures that the aerated concrete products remain in good condition, maintaining their structural integrity and appearance until they are ready to be used in construction projects.

            This process involves the following equipment:

            • Separator

            • Combination platform

            • Grabber

            • Pallet feeder

            • Chain conveyor

            • Strapping machine

            • Side plate clean machine

            • Side plate roller

              Chain Conveyor
              Chain Conveyor

              The tilting table facilitates the initial casting, mixing, and curing of the blocks before they are ready for autoclaving, and packaging.


              The tilting table facilitates the initial casting, mixing, and curing of the blocks before they are ready for autoclaving, and packaging.

              Strapping Machine
              Strapping Machine

              The tilting table facilitates the initial casting, mixing, and curing of the blocks before they are ready for autoclaving, and packaging.

              Automation System

              Electrical Components

              All electrical components of our equipment are imported brands, Schneider inverters, Omron/Pepperl+Fuchs switches, and Siemens programmable controllers PLC.

              Safe Operation

              The Schneider motor protector is equipped to avoid damage to the equipment due to current overload, and also equipped with a one-button start-stop function.

              Remote Monitoring

              Can set up centralized management operation stations for each production section, and can realize remote monitoring for management and troubleshooting.

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