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1. Introduction

Changzhou Mingjie Building Material Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd has 30 years experience of research and development of aerated concrete production line, we had became the leader of aerated concrete equipment manufacturer in China, and radually transformed from an equipment manufacturer to an overall solution provider for aerated concrete production lines.

Mingjie Machinery

2. Manufacturing Ability

We have successively invested 14 million US dollars to improve production and testing equipment. So far, we have more than 30 precision CNC lathes and precision CNC milling machines. In order to meet the manufacture of large and medium-sized workpieces, we purchased three large-scale gantry CNC milling machines with an accuracy of ±2μm.

In addition, we are also equipped with five CNC plasma arc and flame dual-purpose cutting machines, three CNC laser cutting machines, more than ten CNC presses, CNC shearing machines, CNC bending machines and more than ten high-precision CNC multi-coordinate Measuring instrument.


3. Our Equipment

According to the process of aerated concrete products manufacturing, our equipment can be divided into 5 sections, from raw material preparation to finally packing. Each section plays a crucial role in production.

Just get in touch with us, and we will provide the most suitable solution for you.

  • Raw materials preparation section

  • Batching & Pouring section

  • Precuring & Cutting section

  • Grouping & Autoclaving section

  • Packing section


4. Our Services

we provide one-stop solutions for your aerated concrete products (such as brick, block or panel) making projects, from feasibility analysis, to plant layout design, equipment manufacturing & on-site commissioning, control system software upgrade, and technical support.